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By: Charlyn Pelter

Mediation Services is a non-profit organization serving Ottawa and Allegan Counties, since 1993.  Trained mediators facilitate open dialogue between parties to resolve the dispute.  All mediators must complete an extensive training program, as well as hours of mediation observations.  Mediation Services offers a variety of training programs businesses, court employees, and community members who want to become volunteers or who want general mediation training to help in their daily work activities.


Our center serves all residents of Ottawa and Allegan Counties. In addition, we support attorneys in divorce cases by guiding parties through personal discussions and steering them through the decision making process of dividing assets, property, debts, parenting time, etc.

By: Mediation Services

Your mediation team, made up of one male and one female mediator, will introduce themselves and lead you, the other party, and your attorneys (if attending) into one of our private mediation rooms. We start each session by defining a few simple ground rules: we know from experience that maintaining an environment that is safe, fair, and respectful keeps even the most difficult conversations on task and more productive. The next step is information gathering.