Conflict happens in all areas of life, including in professional relationships.  Often, co-workers spend countless hours together and, when disagreements happen, workplace morale and productivity can be adversely affected.  Without a resolution, good employees can quit, relationships may dissolve, and profitability can diminish.

Mediation offers a confidential place for colleagues to work through their differences in a productive manner, with the goal of eliminating workplace acrimony.   Our mediators can open lines of communication, assist in perspective shifting, and help participants move toward improved relationships.

Breach of Contract

When one side to a business contract alleges that the other has not adhered to the terms, litigation can ensue.  Mediation offers an alternative to litigation.  The confidentiality of mediation benefits all involved persons to business disputes.  Our mediators can assist the participants in coming to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

Consumer – Merchant

Conflicts can develop in the interactions of consumers and merchants, whether relating to payment for services or goods purchased.  Used vehicle sales and other large-ticket purchases can result in problems both for the seller and the purchaser.  Mediation can bring swift attention to any such difficulty and be addressed with the privacy of confidentiality assured.

Debtor – Creditor

Disputes over medical or credit card bills often benefit from mediation services.  Either party may request mediation assistance.  Oftentimes, the parties reach agreements detailing payment plans acceptable to each side and preventing the need for any further litigation.

Small Claims

Either before filing a small claims complaint or afterwards, mediation can be utilized to help parties to find a satisfactory resolution to their dispute.  When individuals encounter conflict, mediation offers a private and speedy alternative to court.